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- Marthe Teixeira, Founder, Life and Wellness Coach
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January 16, 2014

The secret to maintaining the mother-daughter bond by Marthe Teixeira

When I reflect back on my teen years, one thing that definitely stands out is how my mother and I used to get into little spats. I am sure it had to do with my constant mood swings or thinking I knew everything at the immature age of 17.  At 17, I thought I was old enough to be independent and thought that I was right about everything. I would purposely go against my mother on what she said (even if I agreed with her) just to prove how “smart” I was. One saying rings over and over in my head from my teen years: “Just because all your friends are doing it doesn’t mean you are.”  I always got that reminder that my mom was still in control of what I could and couldn’t do.

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